Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Seattle Weather Report

I guess some guy that everybody likes had a good blog and then the blog suddenly vanished so they are all doing odes to him through weather reports. This seems a little illogical but I like the idea of doing a weather report so even though I have no idea who this guy is nor have I ever read his blog I'm going to do a weather report too, and dedicate it to him (Milt).

So the weather in Seattle has been stunning so far. It gets warm during the day (around 80F) but at night cools off to about 60F so you can get out while it's still cool in the morning if you don't like the heat. The sun is very intense here, my husband and I both have noticed it but nobody can explain it. We have only had a few days of clouds since we got here but they say the clouds will start about mid-October and then by January you'll forget it was ever sunny. I can't feel Fall in the air at all (I'm used to feelng a little hint of it by now in the Midwest) but I may not be correctly recognizing the symptoms of Fall, being new to the area. The trees are starting to turn however, so they know what's up even if I don't.

Another Ode: to my good friend B, who just popped one out down in Portland. It was a bit early but that's good because she was starting to look like an alien harboring a high-tech weapon in her belly. Hopefully I can get a chance to go visit. Way to go B!


The Mop said...

I think milt died of cancer
milt's blog
in case that didn't work

but he used to start every post with the weather report from idaho falls.

Anonymous said...

We haven't had the official word that Milt is gone yet, but he does/did have terminal cancer.

That is SO sweet that you've done a weather report!

Just goes to confirm that you're a real great gal!