Sunday, June 09, 2013

Movie night

Layla's a bit too young to go to a movie theater, but she can watch a movie all the way through so when we saw this ad for a movie night at the community center in our neighborhood we were all in.

We went, and had a blast. Layla did great! We enjoyed dinner, popcorn, and even dessert with a casual group of neighborhood families and the volunteers that hosted it. Nobody cared that Layla had to ask us about every scene or announced 'They're getting MARRIED!' every time the mom and dad in the movie kissed. We went with several of her friends who did not fare so well (one fell asleep, the other asked to leave after the opening scene).

Now she is obsessed with 'super-herios' (the way she says it rhymes with 'cheerios') and wants to wear her cape non-stop. She says her favorite characters in the movie were Frozone (who skateboards) and the baby (who turns into a monster). We'll be looking out for more neighborhood movie nights (there are several outdoor neighborhood movies but since it gets dark at ~10 pm in the summer this goes a bit late for all of us!). Probably soon, when she responds to our suggestion to 'shhhhh!', we'll be able to take her to an official theater.

In the 'hood of Wallingford

We LOVE our neighborhood in Seattle, Wallingford. It's close to everything, super walkable, has a great community, wonderful shops (and ice cream) and is really family-friendly. But there are a couple of perks that are even better than all that.

We have the BEST FARMER'S MARKET in Washington!!! And it really is. It's in the greenspace of a beautiful park in the center of the neighborhood, with lots of room to spread out and a playground nearby. Plus there is DELICIOUS food, like ice cream (our favorite!), quesadillas, pastries, bagels, home-brewed soda, and lots and lots and lots of fresh fruit and veggies. If I had one complaint (or two) it would be that there aren't enough craft booths, or enough booths in general (they keep it small - and now that word has gotten out it's been quite crowded).

Folks waiting in line for ice cream at the Farmer's Market
Our farmer's market starts up after Memorial Day, and we waited somewhat impatiently all winter for the Big Day to bust out to it again - rain or shine. The second week the weather perked up and we were a little annoyed that the entire neighborhood showed up to share our find - yech. But, we found some friends and although the lines were extra-extra-long especially for the quesadillas we still had a good time.

Then, DAVE MATTHEWS SHOWED UP. (Did you know he also lives in Wallingford?)

Like the rest of us, he got in line for a quesadilla, then bought some veggies, took his kids to the playground (where we were) and complained to his neighbors about his yard while he pushed his daughter on the swing. 

I just about peed my pants. Actually, I wouldn't have even recognized him except that one of our friends pointed him out. Then, I stood staring at him with my jaw dropped until Layla noticed and demanded I resume pushing her on the swings... right next to Dave Matthews. To her Dave Matthews is no big thing.

Everyone else was also totally cool about it - after all, he lives in the neighborhood. I've heard that he is spotted everywhere - the grocery store, the bakery, the bars, and a colleague recently ended up having drinks with him late into the wee hours at a neighborhood bar. But I have never been so lucky - until now. Just in time, too!!