Sunday, June 20, 2010

Father's Day!

It was the Studly Hubby's first OFFICIAL Father's Day today (since we knew about Layla this time last year we sort of celebrated Father's Day but she was button-sized at the time so it wasn't a big celebration).

Unfortunately Miss Layla is a bit sick this weekend and kept me up all night, so the Studly Hubby passed on my offer of a Father's Day Breakfast-in-Bed so he could get up with her at 6 am and let me sleep in... I was SOOOO grateful. Even with the extra couple of hours of sleep I was still super tired this morning, but thankfully Layla made her daddy a card and left it for him on the counter. She picked it out and wrote in it about how awesome her daddy is and how much she likes to play with him and her great appreciation for all the times he's changed her dirty pants.

Then after I got up she sang him a song she had been practicing all weekend. She's getting very good at singing, although she needs some work on lyrics.

Then she went back to bed for a while, so he could make some pancakes and sausage for us solid-food-eaters.

Sock Monkey Pants!!

My sewing attempts are continuing. I finished my Mother's Day Skirt last weekend, and had leftover fabric so I decided to make a baby dress to match. While I was looking around for a good pattern I found this website with awesome ideas and patterns and other easy sewing projects for babies and decided to make some baby pants - it turns out they are super easy! I can't wait to make more, and will probably be sending some out as gifts - so you better get yourself a baby!

My first pair of baby pants!

Layla makes a great model! She's super chill.

The fabric store in our neighborhood (Fabric Crush) has so much neat fabric, I partially blame them for all my recent sewing adventures. Layla loves it now too. Yesterday when we went I put her face-forward in the Moby wrap and she brightened up when we went in, and reached out to all the colorful prints and even smiled at the store owner! The owner helped me pick out some neat color combinations for my first baby dress.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

3 months!!

Layla turned 3 months on Friday. We celebrated with some Trophy cupcakes, of course. We spent the weekend hanging around outside in some really nice weather and getting some projects done... I finished my skirt! And finally posted some video (below)!!
I must say, Layla is really becoming a lovely little girl. She is developing FAST - she plays with toys, enjoys looking at and watching things (like pretty curtains and soccer, see below), smiles all the time, and is really pleasant now (except when she needs something, then she turns into a tiger-wolverine almost instantly and everyone better watch out and get her what she wants). We are really enjoying watching her learn and develop and begin to interact with us.

Rolling Over!!

Layla rolled over for the first time last week (tummy-to-back), and we were SO PROUD... but then we thought maybe we imagined it because she didn't do it again.

But yesterday morning, she did it AGAIN! and we caught it ON CAMERA!! That means it was real, for sure.

Here is the actual footage proving Layla is a super rock star.

New Curtains!

Layla LOVES the curtains her Grandma made while she was here... she squeals with delight whenever we show them to her and it immediately makes her happy... even if she was just in the middle of throwing a fit!

Go USA!!

Layla likes soccer!

Layla is really digging toys!! And she is now working hard on sitting up, grabbing toys, and then experiencing them through her mouth.