Thursday, June 30, 2005

High Financing

I'm going to a conference in Denmark in August (yay!) and have been making plans this week. Registration for the conference cost $400, and the plane tickets were another $1100 (a 10 hour trip! we fly through iceland!). My credit card snapped in half on the last one, but hopefully all the paperwork will get worked out and I'll get reimbursed in a timely manner. I still have to pay for the hotel, transportation, and possibly also meals while I'm there so I'm breaking the bank on the reimbursements, too. This is one crazy expensive conference (the conference I went to in Madison WI two years ago cost about $450 total).

Meanwhile my boss has promised to submit my paper TONIGHT to the very prestigious journal PNAS. If it gets rejected, we may find out by tomorrow. If it goes into review, I'll get drunk on champaigne this weekend and celebrate. If it gets accepted, I'll extend that into a 7-day drunk, then I'll go on a boat trip to seek revenge on the giant shark that killed my friend (Life Aquatic ref).

Also, after My Naked Co-worker bragged about the tuna stuff her husband made last night I had to have some myself and I did, and it was fantastic and rocked my whole night.

Tomorrow, we're going to Iowa to celebrate the Fourth as a true midwesterner should - in the middle of a cornfield, being eaten alive by bugs, spitting watermelon seeds and shooting off the Missouri-bought firecrackers.


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OK, you should totally spend some time in ICELAND on the way back!!!! Gary will survive three days without you and you wont need to do laundry that badly and you will get your cradit cards paid off eventually. But if you cant, enjoy the crap out of sure to check out the city and check out Christiania or something, an old army base near downtown copenhagen where tons of drugs and crap are sold openly.