Monday, June 20, 2005

Werk Schmerk

Things are moving at work. I am writing a paper, which we are hoping to publish in a prestigious journal. I turned in a second draft today for my boss' perusal. I also heard back from the guru in Seattle who says yes, there is an open position for me that will start right when I'll be ready, but watch out, there are other strong candidates clamoring for the same piece of the pie. I was disappointed to hear I had so much competition at first, but then realized later that it's all good - the competition verifies to me that it's a good lab to be in, and the timing of the position opening is a real stroke of luck. I am also giving a very short presentation tomorrow, and I will present my new, exciting, potentially prestigious data, and look forward to getting feedback on it.

It's also my studly hubby's first day of school today, which he has been excited about for a month, and he's at his computer right now 'attending class'. Whoo!


Bog and Boig Dot said...

look at my blog. it's GREAT.

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if you join you may never have to work again...

Bog and Boig Dot said...

oops.. here it really is:

my blog


Bog and Boig Dot said...

oh yeah ,sorry. it's your naked co-worker's hubsand. boig

J-Funk said...

Thank goodness. You freaked me out for a second there, until I realized I had already gone to your blog and the links on your blog pointed only to me, my husband, and my naked co-worker - so by process of elimination I either have a stalker or it's you (or you ARE my stalker...?).

I love your idea. I wish you great fortune and will constantly go to the big black dot on your website for clarity and intellectual stimulation.