Thursday, June 16, 2005

My LiFe

I'm all caught up in trying to figure out where to go next with my life. I just emailed somebody today in Seattle that I'm interested in working with, but realized immediately afterwards that the CV I sent him had a blatant error (I forgot to add the references that I said I was going to add in the email). In the business world, that would mean I was dead in the water, but in academics everyone is spacey like that so hopefully it'll be ok (this is why I want to stay in academics). Anyways, we'll see.

A good friend of mine just emailed me a web link for a site that she later warned has some offensive content (reader beware) but I thought it was rather interesting. It's about how sugar feeds into the same receptors in your brain as heroin and other horribly addictive happiness drugs. I've heard this from people doing research on this topic (we're all funded by the same training grant, it's a craniofacial thing - the relationship is weak but really it's there). Anyhow the whole idea is that sugar, in it's raw form, isn't something we evolved with and now our body doesn't know how to deal with it - we think we need it so we are addicted but really we don't and that's why America is so fat.

My husband went to a conference this week in Minneapolis called Flashbelt. He reported back: good stuff, although some computer nerds aren't the best speakers (but science nerds aren't always either). I wonder whether a conference in Communication or Public Speaking would be very good.

Summer is here full-blast and it's been beautiful. So beautiful, in fact, that I'm eating ice cream all the time and getting allergic rashes all over from mysterious sources. I think I also got a little tan, which means turning a shade more red (or maybe that's just the rash). But, you gotta love it and you gotta keep going out there.

Happy summer!

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mwz said...

I'm fat because my ancestors didn't evolve while eating a lot and not getting any excersize.

Stupid ancestors.