Sunday, June 26, 2005

Weekend Review: June 24th

Weekend Review:

Friday night: stuffed myself blind at Chipotle, went to a NEW MOVIE THEATER and had a look around, bothered our good friend about calling a boy, sacked out

Saturday: Taught spin class at YWCA way too early, came home and took a nap, went out on the town a little bit (including lunch at the Midtown Farmer's Market), came back with a new bulb for my 1989 Toyota Camry front right turn signal, discovered the whole turn signal has rusted into a mass of bulb, screws and socket, went to hardware store and complained about it for a while, got a drill bit that's supposed to drill into a stripped screw (cool!) but it didn't work, gave up, went to a grill-out, got lost and confused and showed up over two hours late, came back and watched a weird movie (A Dirty Shame), sacked out.

Sunday: Talked to my mom three times on the phone, spent two hours doing dishes (but it was the first time all week), taught spin AGAIN too early AGAIN but biked there which was fun, stopped at the lab to throw some things around, ate some good Mexican and banana bread made by my Studly Hubby, did some blogging, made out with our neighbor girl, watched Family Guy, sacked out.

And here comes the week!

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