Thursday, June 02, 2005

Uppity Uptown

We went to uptown tonight, to launch into summer full-speed. Uptown is the part of Minneapolis that reminds me the most of Iowa City, where I grew up and went to college. It's extremely diverse, hip and happenin', with lots to look at and do, and people lying about watching other people and coffee and ice cream everywhere you look. Uptown is also where the lakes are, which are beautiful and breezy and surrounded by walking and bike paths, and lots of interesting people doing lots of interesting things. We usually see something interesting in Uptown, including an empty car rolling backwards down a street (fortunately going slow enough that my husband, with all his manly strength, could get behind it and stop it, at which time we recruited some help of a passer-by, found a few big rocks, and secured it). We have also seen: a woman carrying her dog on her chest like a baby, a man grooving out to his own tune on rollerskates, and a classmate from college that we hadn't realized lived here.

Tonight was no exception. Tonight, we saw a lone dog run into a grocery store, a team of twenty middle-aged men shoot by on mopeds, and a bike-polo game. These were all first experiences for me.

Happy summer!

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