Friday, June 17, 2005

Ego feeding

My husband recently did a favor for my aunt, who is a famous musician that lives in NYC (where she can be the most famous). She was very happy about the favor (it was a poster depicting her and her very famous band) and emailed this back:

"oh wow let me tell you that nephew-in-law of mine is so cool"
"oh really"
"yeah. did you see my new poster?"
"you mean that really cool 8 1/2 x 11 one?"
"yeah. Derek made that"
"NO, Get out!! really??"
"yep. he's married to my niece, the microbiologist. She's a genius too."
"WOW, you mean you are actually related to these amazing people?"
"oh yeah, I hang out with them all the time"
...real life conversation, New York City, 2005

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Aunt Margot said...

wow, like, since people have found out about my niece-the-microbiologist and my nephew-the-graphic-art-genius everyone is asking for my autograph. Papparazzi are.... ooof! whap! yo! stand back! I'm blogging!!!