Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Score 1 for Hydrogen Cars!

A lot of people have been wondering whether it takes just as much energy to make hydrogen fuel for hydrogen cars as is already burned by traditional cars that use oil (gasoline) as fuel. A study this week in Nature says that yes, carbon dioxide emissions may be the same for both types of cars, but:

"the problem with the internal combustion engine is not just its carbon dioxide emissions. It also produces poisonous carbon monoxide, smog-inducing nitrogen oxides, and ozone, an eye and respiratory irritant. Worst of all, it creates microscopic soot particles that cause a host of health risks and affect climate. Moreover, fossil-fuel vehicles tend to concentrate these pollutants in areas of high population density."

Score 1 for hydrogen cars!


Bog and Boig Dot said...

what can you tell me about the nuclear fusion project in France?

once the coal and oil dries up is there hope for eco-friendly energy?

i am not an oil blob.

mwz said...

As soon as they can can work out safe and efficient storage of the hydrogen, it should be good. Although, I have heard that there might be enviromental effects of hydrogen leaking out of containment but that's just hear say.

bbdot, nuclear (fission) power is going to be the eco-friendly energy you are looking for. They have made "meldown-proof" reactors that are completely safe.

The nuclear fusion project could yield good results down the road but there are no guarantees.