Saturday, June 04, 2005

Animation Mentor blogs

One more use for blogs:

My hubby has been trying to launch into a different career for a while now, a career in 3D animation. It has been quite difficult for him geographically, since we don't live in California or NYC, but recently a promising online school for animation has sprung up called Animation Mentor. This was started by some guys over at Pixar (most recently made The Incredibles) and looks like a pretty good program, but to find out more about it my husband did some searching and found a bunch of Animation Mentor blogs, which are blogs by people who are in the first class of the program (which just started a few months ago). The weekly assignments looked interesting, they have given good feedback on the program and the way it's run, and they seem like a generally good group of people. My huby promptly signed up for the program and is very excited to start it June 23. Wheee!

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