Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Rainforest Update

I got some feedback from a few Iowa City natives who are getting rather tired of the rainforest idea. There's a blog about it that I previously referenced (and quite a few more I'm finding), and I was recently made aware of an interesting twist in the name of that blog - rather than being called a Rainforest Park, it's being called a Pork Forest by these blog people. Why? Perhaps because they are making fun of it in the twisted way Iowans do? I'm not sure, and since I don't live there anymore, I can only ponder. The government has been advertising this adventure with the name "Iowa Child" apparently (it was originally going to also be home to an elementary school), and an interesting article titled Leave No Iowa Pork Child Behind seems to bring together the Pork idea with the Rainforest Theme. The bloggers are apparently are just calling it a "boondoggle."

Back in Minneapolis, the first we heard of the Rainforest was in a recent Star Tribune article, and the folks around here seem to be rather excited. These people get fanatically crazed over the State Fair, though. The State Fair Craze has gotten so out of hand that the state is thinking about passing a law that prohibits all schools from starting until after the state fair is over (after Labor Day). That State Fair is pretty good stuff though, especially the deep-fried Twinkies on a stick (not fried Twins players, but fried Hostess Twinkies on a stick).

On a completely different topic, the prestigious journal Nature published an article on an alternative fertility treatment for men. It's a bit riske, but if you're interested, just go to the article itself. I want to get it out there in the open in case there are people who are wondering.

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