Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Sweatin' in Minnesota

We're having a June heatwave right now - it's 90 billion degrees out, in the shade, with your pants off. I tried to go for a run but my iPod proved too heavy to carry and I slipped twice in my own sweat.

Other news:

1. The mulberries are here! The mulberries are here!

2. My presentation yesterday was a trainwreck due to too much technology (yes, it's possible). With my two hands, I had to figure out how to hold a mic, a remote for the power point presentation, AND a laser pointer, and at the same time resist the urge to break out singing You Make Me Feel Like A Natural Woman (since that's what you do when you're holding a big mic like that). Despite all that, I got good feedback and hopefully I'm ready for the road now.

3. I recently remembered an interesting finding from about a year ago: what we called "smoking up" in Iowa is called "smoking down" in Texas and "smoking out" in Michigan. Does this have to do with the geographic location of each state in relationship to Missouri? I haven't yet heard the term in Minnesota so I'm not sure what it's called here - but if it's in reference to Missouri then it's most likely "smoking way up."

4. We've been enamored with the Scrubs DVD's. They're very good. I have a theory that every TV show is a million times better quality when you remove the commercials. I even started to like Buffy when I watched it this way.

5. Poison ivy has consumed my arm, and it's not even July 4th yet. I returned to the farm about a week and a half ago and although I never touched any poison ivy, I think I looked at it wrong or it knew I was there or something because it GOT me. I have to forgive it each time however due to its generous involvement in getting my mom and dad together for my conception.

6. I enjoyed some lovely bluegrass on the lawn of Northrop Hall today over lunch. I went with my boss and his wife, and another graduate student from the lab. We had a jolly good time. When I told my boss' wife who I had inquired about doing a post-doc with, she made a face and said "don't believe anything he says about me!"

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Microkoz said...

Nope, it's smoking down in MI, not up or out or whatever. Unless it's dank. But then it's smokin the dank... very subtle differences. But I guess we must have had this conversation after you wrote this.