Wednesday, June 01, 2005

More Limericking

My co-worker once became nude
We were all shocked and thought it was rude
But after a while
It became part of her style
And now we really like that she's lewd


CTG said...

Hello Herr Dockor -

What were you doing with RNA (couple of posts back)? Were you trying to isolate it? From your sexy bacteria? RNA can be really crabby and whiney sometimes.

J-Funk said...

I was trying to isolate the RNA to run a Northern - but our bacteria are tough little bastards and won't bust for nothing. I finally had to beat them to death with a bead-beater (after they deafeted the bead-beater the first time, causing catastrophe and mayhem, my naked coworker showed me how to lock them down super tight and beat the crap out of them for a full two minutes until they passed out and busted their guts like good little hard-walled bugs). Anyhoo, it worked great the second time around (which was the third time ever for me, third time's a charm).