Thursday, June 09, 2005

Of Stand-Up, Wal-Mart and Rainforests

I got feedback from my sweet but too honest husband that my stand-up act would be a bit of a letdown. He thinks I need practice in front of a real audience. Who needs a real audience when you have a blog!

A friend of mine has been blathering about Wal-Mart and something about his republican viewpoint on business strategies. I'm proud of Wal-Mart and the niche they found, and know people who have been happy to work there, so I'm not too against it personally. However, the massive chunk of land that was developed in Iowa City by the super-Wal-Mart, the mall, all the houses that want to be near the mall, and all the businesses that love the mall and Wal-Mart are starting to get under my skin. That used to be a very pretty field of corn that somebody made a lot of money off of, and now it's concrete, ugly houses and a big fat Wal-Mart. What kind of a beautiful city did we live in again?

On a different note, Coralville is planning to build a gigantic rainforest (and there's a blog about it! with pictures! and space to post your comments!). I guess since they scraped up all the corn fields and trees and replaced them with houses and Wal-Mart and a mall, then they feel they need to make up for it by creating some sort of indoor nature park (but not a cornfield, that would be boring). I like nature, and being indoors is nice in the winter, so I guess I'm not against it. Everyone in Minneapolis is a little confused though. Why in Iowa? they say. What the...? they say. Let's go to the Mall of America, then Wal-Mart! I hear there's a new one by the Mall of America! they say.


Anonymous said...

I want to say that this post is much funnier than the stand-up post. Especially the last paragraph.

I will post as anonymous because I can't remember my password. -Arial

mwz said...

I just want to point out that my original post had nothing to do with business strategies but had everything to do with my Libertarian viewpoint that a minority of people shouldn't impede the freedoms of the majority.

I mean, I can barely spell "business strategies" let alone comment on them...