Monday, January 02, 2006

The Old Man is Snoring...

We woke up this morning to a nice steady drizzle and some frozen death-trap sidewalks and streets. It was very strangely warm for January in Minnesota (35F) but I had a dream last night it was 85F and it wasn't quite that. It was pretty surreal though.

We said goodbye to my mom and brother this morning who took off around 9 am for a tour and interview at Carleton College (we visited Macalaster on Friday). It was a splendid time we had with the fam this week and I want to offer a big CONGRATULATIONS to my Studly Hubby for being such an excellent hostess and putting up with it all with such grace and sincere enthusiasm. Good job Studly Hubby!

The highlights of the week were: drunken italian at Buca (second annual adventure), intense jigsawing, TWO rounds of hot yoga, a trip to the Mall of America, Chipotle (of course), Boggle, homecookin (thanks to the Studly Hubby) and zipping around town in my mom's new Jetta (sweet) (I want a new Jetta).

Happy Birthday to those of you who are obnoxious enough to have birthdays in January: my Studly Hubby, my Naked Co-worker, some nieces, some cousins, my Studly Mummy, and anyone I regrettably didn't mention here.


eaglith77 said...

Did you see us on boggle? That was pretty ausome. We were about to change our name to "J-FUNK: DA BOMB", but you quit before we could do it. New Years night we were playing with like, 70 people and got like 3rd place. And we got on the first screen like 20 times because no one was really playing. Anyone, I hope you had a good Christmas break. What's with all those birthdays in Janruary anyway!!! BYE!!

Liz said...

yes, I know January birthdays are's like they expect MORE gifts right after being loaded with Christmas! But I appreciate your birthday wish anyway. :)