Monday, January 23, 2006

The Best Brownies in the World

My Studly Hubby made the Best Brownies in the World on Sunday night. Seriously, I have never had a better brownie, and I try a lot of brownies. These were made from Ghiradelli sweet baking cocoa using the recipe on the can ("Ghiradelli's award-winning brownies"). I knew that Ghiradelli provides the goods (hot chocolate made with this same stuff is also pretty unbelievable), but I had no idea it would be that good.

Speaking of yummy chocolate discoveries, we've finally bought all the ingredients to make a killer Mexican Hot Chocolate. The secret is to buy Mexican chocolate, which is a kind of spiced chocolate that you can only find in Mexican grocery stores. Fortunately there's one in our neighborhood (attached to the only good Mexican restaraunt in the Twin Cities) and the nice lady who owns it helped us find it and told us how to prepare it: blend a quarter of a chunk per cup of warm milk in a blender. One of the yummy hippie veggie restaraunts down the street from us serves the Mexican hot chocolate with cayenne pepper, which sounds gross but is actually quite delectable, so I'm going to try that too.

chocolate! chocolate! chocolate! chocolate! chocolate!

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tom said...

try brownies and hot, dad