Sunday, January 15, 2006

I'm a Kung Fu Fighter!

The ladies at work decided to try out each other's sports for the heck-uv-it so I went to my kung-fu coworker's kung fu class yesterday afternoon. After singing the song, "I'm a kung fu fighter!" all week at work it was a little bit of a letdown - no music, no hampsters doing the hampster dance, and only three other dudes were there and their clothes weren't ripped up or bloodied or anything. We did a few interesting stretches and some jumping jacks, which kind of reminded me of gym class in elementary school, then we shuffled across the floor doing kicks and punches in a squat position for about forty minutes. It was extremely mentally draining because it requires a lot of coordination, but I'm sure that if someone had been doing it for a while it would feel more natural and wouldn't be so bad. I found myself missing my oh-so-familiar yoga classes though. Then everyone showed us some sweet solo floor moves and we finished with a long round of Tai Chi, which I think is generally very boring but after all that kung fu it seemed like a nice thing to do.

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