Saturday, December 31, 2005

more snow days

I've taken the last two days off work to entertain my mom and brother but then we got another big snowstorm so it sort of turned into two more snow days. It was the very pretty heavy wet stuff that settles in the trees and all over and isn't too cold to enjoy. We've seen some excellent looking snowmen including one with at least seven body segments instead of the usual three. My mom and I did another round of hot yoga in which I almost passed out (seriously, I was seeing stars) and I guess I like that because we're hoping to go again tomorrow. Tonight, for New Years, my Studly Hubby is planning to make us Indian Tacos with buffalo meat and we're going to get totally drunk and streak up and down the block naked. Sometimes, we can see the fireworks from our block too.

And for the breaking news: we busted open a jigsaw puzzle this week and have been working on it vigorously. I forgot how much fun jigsaw puzzles are. Almost as much fun as online boggle. My Studly Hubby refuses to work on it because I believe he is morally opposed to jigsaw puzzles (and perhaps all games) but I think if we work him enough we might make a major breakthrough. Therapy may help too. Good thing my mom is a therapist. And speaking of Boggle, I got it for Christmas and we played a few aggressive rounds before busting open the jigsaw puzzle. Aaaahh, life is good with boggle and jigsaw puzzles.


eaglith77 said...

Yeah, nothing like a good board game Christmas break to hold you over for a couple of days. Online boggle is good, but it's still fun to play a couple of rounds with the family. BYE!!

Schmendric said...

Happy New Year, big Doje! I finally gave in and decided to start my own blog, check it out- i love you're new years plans. Nothing like some good drunken streaking to get the neighbors talking... ;)