Sunday, January 29, 2006


I finished my jigsaw puzzle man!!! Exciting times! Only.... there was ONE PIECE MISSING (shown at right). I kept dropping pieces all over the place when I was working on it so I was happy it was only one piece but really it does suck to work on a jigsaw puzzle for a month and then not quite be able to finish it.

It was really quite fun though, and provided an especially useful and well-timed distraction from my impending thesis. In my hot yoga class, a teacher once said they are trained to talk constantly to prevent the participants from thinking about anything else - and although this is a little annoying it really works, I spend the whole hour and a half anxiety-free and 100% thinking about the PRESENT. I think that's what the jigsaw puzzle (and boggle) is all about for me also.


KT said...

Thanks for sharing the reach-around with the world!

J-Funk said...

For those of you who are more perverted than myself, I am not referring to the reach-around you may have originally thought of but a much more tame version where someone gets too close to their co-worker when reaching around them.

My virgin ears were shocked to find out that the other, possibly better known definition of reach-around is not so tame.

eaglith77 said...

I'm very, very proud of you.