Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Burnin Down the HOUSE

I tried to burn down the house tonight. Actually, it happened on accident. I was lighting a match with one of those wooden matches, and mid-swing the match both lit and broke in half at the same time. The lit part flew across the room and landed in a pile of my clothes. I screamed and gasped (kind of like Doc Brown in Back to the Future when that flaming car sped across the room and lit the trash can on fire). I have super-awesome reflexes though and immediately jumped on the pile of clothes, extinguishing the match before it did any damage. Fortunately it landed inside a pair of my pants and only burned a very tiny spot in the lining. I was very lucky I think. Next time I'm going to use one of those super-safe six-inch long lighters that don't work unless you turn all the buttons the right way and have prayed to all the right fire gods and done a little dance.

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