Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Yoga vs Yoga

I went back to my regular (hatha) yoga class tonight at the YWCA after about a month break between sessions. Meanwhile I have been doing hot (bikram) yoga so have been doing that for about a month now 1-2 times per week. I definitely noticed some changes. My hips and legs are a lot more flexible (what I would consider major progress after only one month). My elbows hurt a little for some reason, and I have a crooked arm that previously wouldn't straighten and I think it's straighter now although I have no proof. On the flip side, my arms became weak like spaghetti again, a longtime problem, because the hot yoga is more focused on the legs. I'm not nearly as totally exhausted after the hatha yoga, and it doesn't feel as totally relaxing or satisfying as the hot yoga but is also not as horrifying or painful. Hmmmm.

Some quotes I picked up from these yoga classes that are particularly memorable:

"Smile with your eyes..." (??)

"Haul your butt flesh back." (said by at least three different teachers with a totally straight face, but when I said it to my class my face could not be kept totally straight)

"The future is a fantasy" (whoa!)

"No humping!" (said by ME to my class on accident when I meant to say 'no HUNCHING [of your back]')

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