Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Bradelina and the Cruise baby

Whoa! Angelina Jolie is preggers with Brad Pitt's baby! As reported on

who would have thunk it? certainly not me.

And on the note of hollywood gossip, I'd like to make a point about Katie Holmes' "Cruise baby" - isn't Tom Cruise sterile? and homosexual? oh wait, those were just tabloid rumors that he filed lawsuits over. But wouldn't you guess the lawsuit implies the rumors may actually be true? I'd like to believe they're true just to make things more interesting. Imagine it - Katie Holmes pregnant by some male gigolo, Tom Cruise badly in need to turn some rumors around, hooks up with her, and causes a scene that rocks the media. What a scandal!


KT said...

I really like your Tom Cruise theory! I hope it's true. You should get a second job at US magazine.

AustinBoy said...

But what it in it for Katie???

Or are they both just creating clones for spare parts to maintain their youthful looks.

J-Funk said...

aaahhhh someone's been watching the Island