Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Happy Fourth!

Had a super busy fourth - had to:

- visit my horse at his new happy home
- visit my old college roommate, she came to take my bird we had a lovely ladies' lunch with our moms
- help my mom clear out her garage and all the buildings on her farm
- mow the lawn. I took a shift in the four hour job since the friggin riding lawn more is broken AGAIN
- help even more with clearing out the farm, this time the Studly Hubby showed up and we finally made some progress
- weed a little, sweep some, get a mysterious bite on my arm which is now swelling up considerably, and get extremely dirty
- get the standard 4th of July sunburn, I even wore sunblock! it makes no difference.
- set up my 78-yr old grandma with some farm chores. She swept, shoveled, painted, and even brought us some peanut butter sandwiches and cake! Go grandma!

But! I did not get poison ivy this weekend (I'm pretty sure). That will be a first for the fourth.

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