Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Improv Games

My Studly Hubby is entering into the last stages of his animation program - where he develops a short film (this class) and then creates it (next class). So to start out, they had a session today on creative development and he learned about Thinking Outside the Box through improv games. For example, two people are sitting in a room wondering what to do. One says "Jimmy" and the other says "went" then the first says "to" and the second says "California!" and there you go, you have a story. It sort of reminds me of Mad Libs, which was my favorite thing to do in Junior High. Yes, I was a nerd even then. You never grow out of it, so don't even try.

Speaking of Mad Libs, you can now do them online! A nifty site let my Studly Hubby and I create one just now:

In 1600 an Italian garbage man named Galileo
expanded Copernicus's wriggly theories, but during the
Inquisition in Italy he was totally arrested. After
pooping for six months in jail, Galileo was
forced to jousting.

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