Thursday, June 29, 2006


Here comes Independence Day - one of my favorite holidays (although all holidays are probably my favorite holidays). We are heading back to Iowa for the last time by car to take care of all the final details and try to acquire a dresser. With my mom moving and my brother leaving soon for college there's furniture flying around all over the place. Coincidentally, a few states away my dad is also moving and another brother is leaving for college - it's like looking across the state line into a mirror.

A recent article on speaks of a poor Amish fella who got caught selling unpasteurized milk to an undercover cop... O what an abhorence! I plan to rant about this but must wait till I have more time. Meanwhile read the article itself by clicking here, and let's all think about whether that really sounds logical.

Chances are good I won't get to blog again until the holiday is over (I will miss you!) so I will wish you now, HAPPY FOURTH OF JULY!!

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