Monday, July 10, 2006

What I Found in my Desk

As part of the Moving Extravaganza, I spent the better part of this evening sorting/packing the Things in my Desk. Here's a sampling of what I found:

1. Millions of bobby pins. Where did they all come from? It's like the bobby pins were hooking up and having baby bobby pins.

2. A diary from Jr. High. I had to stop everything to read it. Boy did I obsess over boys!

3. 10 rolls of Scotch tape. Now that I know where they all are, I won't have to buy any for at least two years. Unless they get lost in my desk again.

4. 8 million pens (and a few pencils), most of which work. What does a girl do with so many pens? I kept them of course. I can't stand to throw away a good pen. I will stash them all around our new apartment so that I will never be without a pen.

5. Much dust. Allergy medication to the rescue!!

6. Loads of good stationary, some that I've had since childhood, most of which has only been used a tiny bit. I'm into cards these days, so it all got thrown in the Goodwill pile (whew!).

7. Loads of good cards. Kept them all.

8. 3 1/2" floppy disks, don't know what they have on them, will never know, so threw them out.

9. Several maps of the midwest. What does a girl from the midwest moving to the coast do with maps of the midwest? I kept them. Except the Minneapolis bike trails maps. I doubt I'll need those again.

10. THREE dictionaries. Damn! I'm one good speller. Or maybe I'm not, and that's why I need all those dictionaries.


The Mop said...

good list... funny too.
better than the move one.

mwz said...

baby bobby pins... baby bobby pins... That's much more fun to say than to type...

I've moved all the data from my floppies onto my hard drive since I doubt that I will have another computer with a floppy drive.

Floppies can be usefull though, I used a few to level my cd storage case.

uncle bruce said...

I didn't know that bobby pins would do that, but coat hangers sure do. You can even catch them at it, you know, when you try to pull one empty coat hanger out of a closet and its companions come along with it.