Monday, July 24, 2006

Packing Packing Packing

We have a lot of stuff. When it's all tucked away into corners and closets it still seems like a lot of stuff, but after packing all weekend (and for the past month) it REALLY seems like a lot of stuff. If we can find our camera I'm going to take a picture of the floor-to-ceiling stack of boxes in our dining room to show y'all. The trouble is, now that everything is packed it's getting tough to find some things.

We ran out of boxes twice. The first time, we went into my lab, unpacked a bunch of supplies (shoving them pretty much everywhere - sorry guys) and then took home about ten boxes. We also went to Menards and bought a few boxes, but the small ones were $2 each (we bought six, all they had) and the medium sized ones were $7.50 each. We weren't about to spend $7.50 each for as many boxes as we needed, which is where the lab came in. My mom bought boxes for her move (and gave us a lot of them), and didn't spend $7.50 per box, so maybe if you buy them elsewhere and/or in bulk they are cheaper (she bought them at U-Haul). But we didn't really have time to box-shop or order boxes so the next time we ran out we went to a local bookstore, and then the local co-op. The co-op had the best boxes; they were APPLE boxes that were not only super sturdy but also smelled like apples. We first stacked them in the hallway (we were running out of room in our apt at this point) where they made the hallway smell like apples and then we brought them in and packed them with sheets and towels which I'm also hoping will smell like apples.

Now I'm off to run a few pre-moving errands, then in to work for the last time (boo!!) to make some trouble for my co-workers and hopefully finish organizing a few things. Not only am I working up until the last minute, but I'm actually taking things with me from this job to Seattle to finish there - I have a paper to finish writing. I love it that much that I don't even mind taking it with me. But even if I didn't love it that much, it would be worth it because it's good for my career (both the paper AND Seattle).


Peggy said...

I really feel bad for you. I HATE moving. I haven't moved now for about 11.5 years. I hope it goes smoothly and nothing that you treasure gets broken and nobody you love gets hurt.

Uncle KT said...

I'll miss you and the D-man! Hope your driving is going smoothly!