Sunday, July 30, 2006

Burnin' Down the CLUTCH

We are seriously challenging our clutch in this City of Many Steep and Confusing Hills (Seattle). We took the parents-in-laws out for a day on the town on Sat, got detoured by some popular parade going through downtown, and ended up at the bottom of a steep hill that the car just simply couldn't get up. Thanks to my Studly Hubby's excellent clutch driving and quick thinking, we managed a route around it and got home but were all a bit traumatized and the clutch a little shorter lived (has anyone ever smelt a burned clutch? I have). I was reminded of my first few months in Minneapolis when every time I drove anywhere I would have a heart attack because of the crazy traffic and jammed freeways. By the time I left there six years later it was all normal and untraumatizing. Hopefully Seattle will become like that (or we'll buy a new car).

This morning when we woke up there was a dead cat in our backyard. My Studly Hubby's Studly Mommy might have witnessed the murder but didn't catch any of the details as she didn't realize a murder was taking place until we found the body. Not knowing what to do and being new to the neighborhood, we decided to simply shut the window blind, which worked quite effectively. Eventually our next door neighbors found the body and dealt with the murder while we peeked at them through the blinds. Hopefully they didn't see us or implicate us in the murder.

Did you know that Grey's Anatomy takes place in Seattle? I just learned this tonight. It's on an hour later here.


Peggy said...

You'll get the fine art of living in the hills in no time. I too have smelled burning clutch. Its an unsettling smell. I'm glad you're both arrived in one piece. Shame about the cat murder. I'm sure nobody will accuse you of the killing.

Kerry said...

Well, looks like you are off to a fine new beginning. A murder and burning down the house, er clutch..and you have been there what? 24 hours?? Keep up the good work.