Wednesday, July 05, 2006

A new home for Beauty!

When I was 10, I used my entire allowance to buy a baby cockatiel that I brought home and named "Beauty." He decided after a bit that he liked me and showed his affection by squaking at me regularly, particularly at 5 am when the sun came up. I learned to put him in a closet at night and he learned to ring his bell when I forgot to feed him and we got along very well. Then one day I left for college and the poor guy got left behind where he was moved to a pretty spot by the window in a room with a heavy door so he could freely squak every morning when the sun came up. He made his home there and learned to ring his bell louder to get the attention of my mom and my brother during the longer and longer bouts when I was gone. And he started to like my mom and my brother just like he liked me and he would squak at all of us when we were together and ring his bell at us when he was hungry. But my brother went to college and my mom moved to a new house and we thought maybe he would want a new family to squak at. Just as I was thinking about who might want a bird, a good friend of mine from college wrote and said "I want a bird!" So last weekend Beauty went to Ohio to a new home. And so far he seems to like it quite a bit because he's already squaking at her regularly. I miss him but am glad that he has a new home where he will get all the attention he deserves.

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