Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Moving Moving Moving

We are en route to Seattle right now (can you believe it? the wonders of technology). We have had a big couple of days.

First, I had to say good-bye to everyone, which has been ongoing for a few months but this weekend, and Monday, was the Big Bad Final Goodbye and that was infinitely harder. On Monday, I said good-bye to everyone at work, held it together till I got outside, then bawled my eyes out. Do you know of anyone who has ever cried when they LEFT work? Well, now you do, that's me.

Then, we had to get all our stuff ready for the Crazy Moving Morning on Tuesday. We had movers coming, so wanted to have everything ready to maximize their Amazing Muscle Power, so we unplugged things, pulled apart furniture, and kicked up as much dust as we could manage. Then we slept in it. I woke up this morning and immediately sneezed right in my husband's face. Being a generally cleanly guy, and slightly stressed about the imprending Crazy Moving Morning, he got a little pissed and gave me a loudly delivered Cover Your Mouth When You Sneeze lecture. I suppose I should have learned that by now but I just never really understood the principal. Now I do.

Then we moved. It was great. The movers did all the heavy lifting (with some help from the Studly Hubby and his Studly Pop), the ladies did all the heavy cleaning (except I spent most of the time sneezing so it was mostly my Studly Hubby's Studly Mommy) and then we had a very nice Last Lunch at the Birchwood Cafe, a super-spectacular good-whole-food kind of place down the block that was even better after a long morning of sneezing. Then we jumped in the truck, which is at least twice the size of what we would have needed and taller than our building, jumped several curbs on the way around the block and headed off down the freeway.

Now we're in Moorhead, Minnesota (next to Fargo, North Dakota) trying to pick up some last snatches of good accent before we head off into the Westlands.


Peggy said...

When I left Iowa City, I cried when I left my job too. It wasn't that the job was great, it was the people there. I've never found a job I've liked better either. (sigh) Enjoy those North Dakota accents!

Uncle KT said...

You know the really big truck that we were talking about? They showed it on the news the other day...and I thought of you guys. (although they said that that thing only travels at night.