Wednesday, July 12, 2006

DOG the Bounty Hunter

We found another great show to watch - Dog the Bounty Hunter (on A&E, we rented the first season on Netflix). Dog is a ripped 50's ex-con who hunts down bad guys with a vengeance, turns into a bit of a dope right after as he brags about it and then gets all fatherly towards them and helps them out any way he can (he gives each one a last cigarette before taking them in, has also given them money, good advice, and cut them slack on drugs they've found etc). One bad guy said after getting arrested by him, "ya know, I've been arrested alotta times but you gentlemen were the nicest anyone's ever been. It's been a real pleasure." It's really surreal. And talk about surreal! His wife, Beth, is a large blonde bombshell with two-inch hot pink nails, an american flag tank top that barely fits over her size DDD breasts, a mouth that makes you cover your ears and an excellent sense of humor. And to make it weirder, Beth actually had a boob job to enlarge her boobies to that size. Not sure why anyone would do that, but it certainly makes everything she does more fun to watch, even from a female's perspective.

I am a long-time fan of Janet Evanovitch's Plum series about a bounty hunter named Stephanie Plum and so was interested to see what real-life bounty hunting is all about. It turns out, a lot of the stuff in the novels is right on: most of the hunted are doped-up space cadets who skipped bail due to their own incompetence, and are as polite as can be once they're caught. The whole first season of Dog did not reveal any fights or scrapes (unfortunately), just some dirty chases and a few confrontations with neighbors. It was still super fun though. And so are the Plum books. Bounty hunting is an interesting sport.


Derek said...

Dog is still not as cool as Boba Fett...Yeah! That's right! I am a geek.

Uncle KT said...

My Mom LOVES Dog...she's been watching it for about a year. I hear about it a lot. I thought that she was the only one. I'm going to tell her that you watch it and she's gonna be excited.

Peggy said...

Who TOLD you guys that DTBH was my super secret favourite show? Dog and his Mrs ROCK!