Wednesday, July 19, 2006

There is a war going on between Ithaca, NY and Two Harbors, WI over which city is the birthplace of the ice cream sundae. I have learned from my Wisconsin-raised co-worker Uncle KT that Wisconsinites are CRAZY about their dairy. I believe Two Harbors, WI will win this one due to sheer determination.

According to the official Ice Cream Sundae website, Ithaca is the home of the ice cream sundae and it was invented in 1892. Check out the website for a complete description and full history of the sundae, as well as sundae supplies, a description of the War of the Sundaes, and a how-to on sending a sundae-gram. I believe we all need more ice cream sundaes in our lives.


Uncle KT said...

uncle kt is bringing in blocks of WI cheese tomorrow for all to enjoy!

Peggy said...

As a native Wisconsonian I hope that it is Two Harbors that wins the argument. By the way, Two Harbors is a beautiful town on the shores of Lake Superior. A great place to visit. We camped not too far from there once. We heard loons! Nobody mentioned the ice cream sundaes though. Wisconsin folk are like that. Don't like to brag.

AustinBoy said...

Oh, whatev, How many takes on ice cream can there be. I bet two people invented it all at calculus.

Hope the move goes well!!!