Monday, July 31, 2006

World Traveller

This is where I've been so far:

I found this neato site thru Peggy in Scotland, whose blog is full of interesting ideas. I still have a few more places to go (according to the site I've only seen 4% of the world, but that's much less because I haven't actually seen all of the US or Canada, it just lights up the whole country if you've been to either one).

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Peggy said...

I too have 4% of the world covered. What does a gal have to do, stop visiting small places? Visit Russia? The Man of the Place has visited both China AND Russia (it was the Soviet Union at the time) plus he's been to a bunch of European countries that I haven't been to yet. He did a lot of hitch hiking in the 70's (sound familiar?). He's got a much bigger percentage.

Go to Tijuana sometime, it's fun and then you can add in Mexico!