Monday, July 17, 2006

FREE hot yoga

It's FRIGGIN' HOT here (near 100F) so I thought I'd make the best of it and do some free hot yoga in my backyard. Our back door served as a nice full-length mirror and I knew most of the poses so I counted down the time for each pose in my head (usually talking myself into something a little shorter than what they do in class). I did work up some sweat and managed to be a bit sore the next day so I did a fairly good job I think. The negatives of this free hot yoga are that the grass was a bit prickly and I got kinda dirty rolling around in it (and decided therefore to skip a few of the "floor" poses), and also I cheated quite a bit since there wasn't a crazy teacher yelling at me in my face. Also my neighbor got home while I was all twisted up in a pose and she thought I had gone insane (esp since it was nearly 100F outside). The positives were that it was very close to home, could be done any time, and the great outdoors made for an entertaining backdrop.

I taught my last spin class yesterday and then worried all night last night that I'm going to lose my fine rear-end within the month since I won't have any of my own super-fun spin classes to go to. So I'm going to try to make up for it with some extra hot yoga and more running (which I hate but am capable of). But I may still lose the fine rear. So everybody get a good look now. It's a beaut.


arial said...

Shouldn't there be a picture of your butt here. Where's the picture of your butt?

J-Funk said...

sorry! I already packed the camera.