Saturday, July 08, 2006

Moving Tips

I know a lot of people moving right now, or getting ready to move, like us, and I recently helped my mom move (a BIG move, if you want my perspective) so I think I'm becoming quite an expert.

So, here is What I've Learned About Moving:

1. You can make money off of some of your old crap! So clear it out early and reap the reward. Half Price Books is a great place to take your old books, CD's, DVD's, and magazines. They even take stuff they aren't going to sell and donate it to the appropriate places.

2. Hired Moving Guys rock out. They know what they're doing, look good doing it, and don't cost as much as you'd think. You can find some at

3. Get free boxes from co-workers who've just moved. Or, if you buy them (U-Haul sells boxes) they will all be the same size and then easier to pack into the truck.

4. For long-distance hauls Penske is the best. U-Haul: no good (they have crappy trucks, crappy roadside assistance, and no guarantee that they'll have a truck for you - although they may be cheaper).

5. When renting a truck online, don't rent it immediately - prices are like airfare and can vary widely (ours dropped $800 in a day) - scan prices every day for a week or so to get an idea and then nab a deal when you see it and don't look back.

6. Whatever weekend you pick to move will be the hottest and sunniest. Wear sunscreen.

7. Take what you will need right away when you get to your new house and put it in a brightly colored container so you can find it easily (not a box that looks like all your other hundreds of boxes): sheets and towels, shower curtain, paper towels, paper plates and plastic forks, a change of clothes, tylenol, allergy medication, poison ivy treatment, soap, and lots of booze.

8. Your purse and other things you need should be put someplace safe ("safe" is NOT on the floor in the living room or on the kitchen table, things in these locations will be randomly packed into boxes and disappear - not a good thing when it's the keys to the moving van. I suggest a "safe" place as the backseat of your car or your pants pocket).

Ok, that's all I can think of for now. Feel free to submit your own advice if you've got some.

Good luck moving everybody!!


arial said...

Thanks for the tips. I hope they come in handy for us sometime soon. I knew about Penske. That's what we used when we moved here and the truck was awesome.

Did CTG get your bird or do you have some other old roommate that lives in Ohio?

J-Funk said...

It was CTG all right. I think they are a good match.

Uncle KT said...

Oh moving! Now everythime something crappy happens at our apartment we say to eachother "thank goodness we will be moving out of here soon"...ok that wasn't as great of a story as I thought. Sorry.

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