Thursday, August 03, 2006

New Jobs Suck

So I started my new job on Tuesday, and was almost too exhausted from the move to form any opinion of it, but on Wednesday when I felt a little better I realized that I really hate it. Not the job, which I think I'll like eventually, but the whole starting a new job thing. It's awful. I feel uncomfortable around everyone, I don't know where anything is, I don't understand what anybody is doing, and I don't really like being there. I would just hide at my desk as much as possible, but I'm forcing myself to go out into the lab and do an experiment so that I will have to interact with people and familiarize myself with the place. And that sucks too. The lab is made up of about 15 different small rooms, including three rooms with benches, but all the equipment and desks are spread out amongst the other rooms. The space was originally supposed to be temporary, so stuff is thrown illogically into different places and the rooms all still look the same to me. It's impossible to find things, and worse, a lot of the people in the lab don't even know where anything is (some of them are new too).

And today, I get back to it. Hopefully, with time, it'll start to feel more normal.


Peggy said...

Oh sweetie, being new sucks. You'll make some new friends soon and this will all be like a bad dream.

I remember crying in the mail room on my first day at a new job because I was so lost and felt so new. It got better.

Speedy KT said...

Oh Josie! Things will get better!!! I'm so glad that you and studly hubby made it to Seattle. Pretty soon you will be making your labmates giggle with your bubbly personality. Just don't pick your nose. That may turn them off:) When you get more settled shoot me your new email and phone!!!