Monday, August 07, 2006

I got pinged!!

I got pinged or poked or tagged or something, by Peggy from Scotland. I'm not sure what it means, but I think I'm supposed to go through a list of stuff on my blog that is about me and then ping some more people. So, here goes:

Five Items in my Freezer:

1. Loads of coffee, most of which is unlabeled and in tupperware. Since I can't drink caffeinated coffee or I blow up, I've been afraid to test it to see what is what. So it sits in the freezer.
2. Ice, shaped in pluses and arrows, in Ikea ice trays
3. Bread. We keep it in the freezer or it molds within a day.
4. Frozen cranberries. Like Peggy, I can only buy cranberries during certain seasons and so I buy them up and save them for later. I love cranberries!
5. Frost.

Five items in my closet:

1. way too many clothes
2. way too many shoes
3. wedding memorabilia (what are you supposed to do with this stuff??)
4. two extra pillows (and now we have a 2nd bedroom too!). One of the pillows is an extra-nice down pillow too.
5. five million belts. I LOVE BELTS!

Five items in my car:

I no longer have a car. One of my many younger brothers nabbed it while I wasn't looking. It leaks gas now though so the joke's on him.

Five items in my backpack:

I have so many items in my backpack that my Studly Hubby was afraid that one day it was going to bust open and ruin our carpet so he cleaned it out for me. Now it's a little better but I still have at least five items in there.

1. Super-woman deoderant. You never know when a girl needs an extra boost.
2. My laptop. I never go anywhere without it!
3. Some random food. This is where the trouble starts. Some of it isn't in such good shape.
4. My purse, which lately consists of a tiny little travel pouch which fits my cards and money and nothing else.
5. Tylenol and Pepto-bismol (remnants from my college life, I still find I need them every once in a while).

Now I get to peg, or punch, a few other people who now have to do this same thing, I think. I target:

Uncle KT
, whose blogging prowess has impressed us all (but has been waining of late... maybe this will give her the boost she needs to stay on top)
Speedy KT, who just might stop running for long enough to try this out
The Mopinator, who I think is a guy but nobody really knows. This type of thing may provide more clues for the constantly wondering among us, like myself.
My Studly Hubby, who would never in a million years do something like this even if he was being kicked in the head repeatedly
My mom, who doesn't have a blog nor reads any blogs. She is the modern rebel.


The Mop said...

Here you go. it's in the comments

Uncle KT said...

Ok...I kinda like doing these things. Everyone always groans about it but I will do this task with gusto after I take inventory of these locations. So I'm supposed to do the same ones that you did?

J-Funk said...

KT - I guess so. I'm no expert. You could probably make up some other ones too if you were so inclined.

arial said...

Hmm, I looked at the mop's profile and for gender it says male. That seems like a good clue to me.

In other interesting news, we accepted an offer on our house a couple days ago, we're supposed to move mid-sept. Also, those people from college who live near us had a baby but we haven't seen him yet.

I feel like I've hijacked your blog for myself in the comments section, but it's easy to write to you here.