Thursday, August 03, 2006

Third day is better

Today was my third day at work and it was definitely getting better. I figured out that if I can stave off and eat lunch about an hour and a half later than usual, I can have some company, which is much more fun than eating by myself. I also got invited to dinner at another new post-doc's house this weekend.

I unpacked three boxes tonight and did a load of laundry, which I consider making major progress. We have to pay for our laundry here, which totally sucks, so we set up a rack by the laundry door and we plan to air dry as much as possible. According to Al Gore, that's good for the environment too. It's just kind of a pain in the butt. We also cooked dinner for the first time, and had all we needed which was amazing. There are still boxes everywhere though. This weekend we will tackle those boxes. Or, go out and enjoy the nice weather we're having here... we're the only place in the whole US that's not having a major heat wave right now and it's awesome.

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