Tuesday, August 08, 2006

New Phone! New Week!

We got our phone fixed today, so it's working now. I guess there was some wiring problem on the outside of the building, so it was free to fix it which is great. I also celebrated my first week anniversary at work by breaking three things and finally finishing my experiment (which worked, thank god). Tonight I'm going to fix one of the things I broke (a nylon screw which is no longer available to buy), pay to wash some laundry (which totally sucks), and do some good old fashioned television watching (O Buffy, you call to me). We still have lots of unpacking to do but I really need to concentrate on getting my energy back so I don't break anything else at work... not a good way to introduce myself to my new lab-mates.

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Uncle KT said...

When Dawn was on vacation they left me in charge of ordering stuff for the lab. Well Apparently Tammy in the office wanted the forms filled out differently than Dawn showed me and I ended up ordering 3 times as much of everything as I intended ...that was my most recent stupid lab thing