Wednesday, August 09, 2006

The Erotic Bakery

Our apartment is just down the street from The Erotic Bakery. I'm totally serious. I'd like to say that we picked this particular apartment only because it's down the street from the Erotic Bakery, but actually, we didn't. Although, my new Seattle co-workers did exclaim, when I told them where we are moving, "oh! that's just down the street from The Erotic Bakery!"

The nice thing about The Erotic Bakery is, they will ship their cakes and cookies anywhere in the US. So, we were brainstorming all the people who would really like a cake from The Erotic Bakery (which is a surprisingly large percentage of our friends) when we realized, HEY!, WE live close to The Erotic Bakery, so wouldn't it just be easiest to ship a cake to US? We live just down the street, after all.

The only thing is, it's a little pricey at The Erotic Bakery. It's $79.95 for a 20 piece sculpted penis platter of cookies. Those cookies better be freaking awesome for $79.95.


Derek said...

It's funny that down the street from the Erotic Bakery is Dick's Hamburgers. Yeah!

speedy KT said...

Oh yeah...I DEFINATELY want an erotic cake!! B-day is in April...(like yours) or I am GOING to graduate in November. I think a penis cake would be an appropriate grad present! Congrats D on the job! I'm glad you guys are getting some running in. The weather must be better than in MN. It's so DAMN humid!!!! Thanks for reading my blog Dr. P!!!!

J-Funk said...

Good luck with that graduating in November thing. If you make it maybe a penis cake would be the perfect reward!

Running here is amazing, except for the hills. There are berries on my running path so I can stop and munch if I get hungry, and they consider it wicked hot if it gets into the upper 80s (usually it's in the mid-70s).

Uncle KT said...

I really think that you should send the speed-ster a penis cake when she graduates. That would be sweet AND I may get to see it if she brings it in to work!