Saturday, April 01, 2006

Dairy Queen, we're back!!

Today was a day to be remembered: the first day of the Dairy Queen season. That's right, Dairy Queen is OPEN, and it was finally nice enough outside to walk there (and we saw some sun, too!). I got a small vanilla crunch cone and was so excited I inhaled a crunch and almost died. Luckily I know CPR and could perform it if necessary, although performing it on myself would be a trick. One may gain some fame for figuring that out.

Speaking of CPR, if you're ever in a situation where someone is passed out and you don't know what to do but there's a defribillator (AED) nearby, turn it on and press the "?" button and it'll instruct you in each step of CPR. With these kinds of things, who needs a Red Cross certification? Just make sure that the passed out person actually needs CPR (ex. the heart has stopped beating) otherwise they'll be pretty angry when they wake up to you punching them repeatedly in the chest. Maybe THAT's why we get the Red Cross certification, so we know all those important little details.

So besides going to Dairy Queen today, I played catch-up... laundry, dishes, talking to my mommy on the phone (while doing laundry and dishes, grad school has taught me the useful art of multi-tasking). There's so much to do that tomorrow will be more of the same I'm afraid. It feels good to finally get to it though. We were about to turn over to paper plates, and I think my Studly Hubby may have gone a few days without underwear last week.

Speaking of my Studly Hubby, he finished his third class this week and is launching into the fourth. Halfway there! He's really starting to make some nice stuff, too. Next class he is going to work on facial animations, so he will be contorting his face at me all the time whenever we are talking. It'll be weird but I've gotten used to him contorting his body and acting out his scenes in public places so I suppose this will just be another form of that.

And for one final announcement: I have begun work on my thesis, and boy, is it a lot easier than that horrible grant. I feel like a genius working on this thesis in comparison. In fact, I wrote an entire chapter in under an hour on Friday. This is how I did it so fast, for those of you who may have to write a thesis sometime (you never know)... 1. write a paper (bonus, get it published!) 2. keep the MS Word document of the paper (this is important) and then 3. copy all that stuff from the MS Word document over into another document that says THESIS. It works pretty swell. The problem is, I still have to move some things around some, the figures in particular, and one of my three chapters has some experiments missing that I intend to do next week (and therefore the paper hasn't been written yet, so that chapter will take a little longer to put together). But! The important thing is, I'm moving along on that thesis and may even graduate someday! And that will deserve another crunch cone.

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uncle bruce said...

I wisht I would of known that technique when I was writing my thesis. But my real problem was, unlike you, I couldn't sit still for a whole hour before going to the kitchen. Also, there was no guarantee that I would come back. But I did watch enough TV. I didn't have a TV, but our lab had one, and everyone was in the lab anyway on 11:30 on Saturday night, so we all used to watch Saturday Night Live.