Tuesday, April 04, 2006

The new toothbrush

My Studly Hubby and I acquired a new Oral B electric toothbrush through a sweet deal associated with the dental training grant that's funding me for some reason. The dental grant can't give us free dental coverage, but a toothbrush they can swing. Anyhow, when the toothbrush arrived a few days ago we opened the box excitedly and then balked at the sheer number of things that came with it. A cord, a base, a few brush heads, some little colored ring thingies to put on the heads, a case for the heads, and a two-inch thick instruction manual. My husband, who according to O! The Oprah Magazine (yes I read this and I love it) is a Quick-Start personality, plugged the whole thing in last night and figured out where the colored ring thingies go and how to turn it on. This morning, we tried using it. He had not too much trouble, but when I used it total chaos broke out. I got toothpaste all over the bathroom, and in my hair, I swear I chipped a few teeth, and my neck got cramped from bracing against the thing (so I started yelling as all this was going on). I think I need to try using it again tonight, but I'm scared. I am trying to get motivated by reminding myself that the toothbrush can encourage me in 13 different languages, but my old toothbrush from a much simpler time calls to me instead.

We'll see where the night leads me.


Anonymous said...

hahahahaha i had to laugh! i could just see you, well, not really but i had to laugh anyways!

hope you had a better time with it tonight!

:) Kathy

Anonymous said...

j..this isn't the place or even the right blog, but i just came across something and was compelled to inquire..was i the crazy psychotic roomate (that happened to you)?
congratulations to you and d..

J-Funk said...

!!! Michelle! How have you been? Where are you? I have tried to look you up but your name is impossible to google. I'm glad you found me. Shoot me an email. My email address is my name and D's name squished together with 'and' in the middle, @yahoo.com.