Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Jaunt around Lake Calhoun

The thing to do in Minneapolis when it gets nice out is go to Lake Calhoun and take the 5K jaunt around the lake. If you have a very fussy dog, all the better. If you can strap your dog into a handbag or backpack, even more perfect. And if you want to take off your shirt and put on some expensive sunglasses and get out your rollerblades and talk on your cell phone and show off the tan you obviously didn't get in Minnesota, then you'll fit right in.

That's exactly what we did last night, and it was fantastic. We bought some sushi at the fancy grocery store down the way and had some at the dock, then oggled at the dogs and the tans and the sunglasses and the people, oh the people, that were there at the lake. We weren't even slowed down by the tragic homocide that took place there two weeks ago (although we did clear out by dark).

What fun is spring!


Peggy said...

We used to love to walk around Lake Calhoun when I was a kid in Minnesota. We would go with half a loaf each to feed the ducks. I learned early on that if you threw smaller bits, your bread lasted longer. We went to Lake Harriet when it was colder because, it being slightly smaller we could walk around that lake more quickly. This was WAY before rollerblades and out of season tans. Did the ducks come begging for some of your sushi?

kt said...

Dariel an I were thinking of taking a walk around lake calhoun this weekend...we could make it a group effort.

J-Funk said...

The ducks are afraid of the cold I think, they weren't out in very high numbers yet. We did have a stray dog come beg for some sushi though. He was very nice and his owners were either trusting or oblivious because they didn't react at all when he wriggled out of his constraints and ran over to us.

On Lake Calhoun there are now two paths, one for wheels and one for feet. The wheels path is one-way, and moves very fast, so if you accidentally find yourself in it and not moving with the traffic flow you usually cause a traffic problem and get yelled at.

KT, I'm in the thesis homestretch now and probably won't be able to tear myself away for a walk but if it's really nice and Dairy Queen is involved I just might do it. Let me know what time you're planning to go. Is your man going too?