Friday, April 14, 2006

Tornado in Iowa City!

A tornado hit downtown Iowa City last night! It looks like it cruised down Burlington St, turned left on Riverside, took out a Dairy Queen on its way to Menards and left some roofless houses, businesses and a sorority in its wake. Then the gawkers and (beer) looters came out and had a heyday, with the National Guard and plenty of police getting in there to try to keep it under control. Both my and my Studly Hubby's families and workplaces are ok.

My high school was a shelter! Imagine that! And the U of Iowa classes were cancelled (now you know it was bad)!

Check it out on the national news, local news and the U of I Daily Iowan (paper).

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Peggy said...

I hope nobody else you or I know was hurt. I'm gonna call my friends who live in University Heights. Saddest news of all is the loss of the Dairy Queen! All that damage no Buster bars for anybody!