Saturday, April 29, 2006

The Ball is Rolling

I got a draft of my thesis back from my boss with some revisions to make, and I am getting those done this weekend. I will hand it out to my committee on Monday. Meanwhile, I have scheduled my defense for Friday, May 19 at 10 am and have gotten about 1/10 of the necessary paperwork done for that but am moving forward on the rest of it. My Studly Hubby has officially taken a week off in June so we can go look for apts in Seattle, so we are now being forced to think about what exactly we want (do we want a dog? Do we want to pay a bunch more for an extra bedroom? Do we want to move a little further away from campus? Do we want a short-term lease so we can think about dumping money into a house (starter homes start at about $300,000 there)? So many possibilities!).

My two brothers that were looking for colleges have officially decided where they want to go - one is going to Knox College in Galesberg IL (about 1000 students total) and the other is going to Kansas University in Lawrence KS. Can you get much more diverse brothers? Of course they're only related to me and not to each other (figure that one out) so I guess it makes sense that they are so different.

My Studly Hubby is off galavanting around in Iowa this weekend escorting some other chick down the aisle as a groomsman, I'm not sure if that's weird but I guess it's ok as long as she doesn't try to make out with him. I kindly opted out since I have so much to do here, and then ended up spending most of the day today watching movies but I think that's what I really needed. In fact, I feel another movie urge coming on with maybe some popcorn, and... here I go!

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