Sunday, April 02, 2006


I rarely remember my friends birthdays (or anyone's at all, including my own). When I do remember my friend's birthdays, I send the most shocking card I can find or make (and they do the same for us, for my Studly Hubby's B-day in Jan a card we got had a pic on the front of our friend's kid covered from head to toe in spaghetti and screaming at the camera... but that's tame by our standards). Anyhow, this year some friends of mine that are married are living with their wife's parents while she does a little adjunct teaching deal nearby. So I'm wondering, how shocking can I make this card we send to the guy this year? If I make it so shocking that he can't show his wife's parents, and they're sitting right there asking to see it, will that make the whole situation awkward, and escalate to him getting kicked out and a divorce eventually occurring (all because of my card we so innocently sent)?

My Studly Hubby assures me that, considering the guy we're talking about here (who will fart in front of anyone, at any time, and always has a dirty joke ready to go on a moment's notice) probably has already shocked his wife's parents plenty. So I'm thinking I'm gonna take that risk and send him the card anyway and make it as bad as I can because it'll probably be another three or four years before I remember his birthday again anyway... so here goes! I'll let you know how it turns out.

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katie said...

wow...I tune out of your blog for one weekend and there are like 57 posts! I'm going to have to take off of work to catch up.