Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Honing my Acting Skillz

My Studly Hubby is working on another animation. The current shot he's working on involves animating two people in a scene, so he required my assistance for making a reference video. There are several problems with that. First, I don't behave well generally, but especially when asked to behave a specific way. Second, I am not a good actor and can't remember my lines even after 8 million practices. Third, I don't know where the "Stop Recording" button is on the camera so when the scene is over and I walk over to the camera laughing and making faces there's usually that and another minute more while I scramble to find the right button at the end of every take. Despite all this, however, I think we finally got some good video and now he's clipping it all together to upload onto his school site so everyone can gawk at me and pass judgement (or gas) at my attempt to act.

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