Sunday, April 16, 2006

The Explosexuawesome Career Guide

A friend of mine from Iowa City published a book this month called The Explosexuawesome Career Guide, through the publishers of the Far Side books. The book description on Amazon describes it well so I'll just put that here:

Yes, there are actual people who are paid to blow up yachts, taste ice cream, and stand around nightclubs looking cool. How does one go about landing such jobs? What are the qualifications? And more important, how much does one get paid? These questions and many more are hilariously answered in Mose Hayward's The Explosexuawesome Career Guide.

Exposing all the cool careers your guidance counselor never mentioned, The Explosexuawesome Career Guide is a perfect (and totally necessary) gift for all recent graduates. Weird, bizarre, and unusual but totally awesome jobs are out there for the taking. Author Hayward has sought out holders of these most outlandish, one-in-a-million jobs, and interviewed them to discover crucial information, such as how they got hired and what they do all day.

With Hayward's insightful interviews, the reader gets hilarious step-by-step instructions on how they, too, can achieve these cool-yet-odd positions. Each career is illustrated by the comic art of Chris Stangl. This outlandish parody of career guidebooks is sure to entertain, whether or not you're in the market for a new career.

You can check out Mose's website here, where he admits to having the same nightmares about missing PE class that my Studly Hubby and I have - we intend to sue our high school for causing severe and life-long PE anxiety.

I've bought the book and it is indeed explosexuawesome.

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