Sunday, April 02, 2006

Here's to Sunday...

We got caught up on the household stuff finally, my Studly Hubby is doing some Studly Dishwashing as we speak, he always steps in to help on Sundays after he gets his assignment turned in. yay! Now I can sit back and do some blogging and laze around while he slaves away cleaning up the kitchen.

We've become addicted to this Neopolitan style pizza place across the Mississippi in a little neighborhood called Highland Park. The pizza is so good that you crave more even after you stuff your face until you feel sick from it, which is exactly what we did for lunch today.

It sucks on the first day of Daylight Savings because you wake up and have already missed out on an hour of Sunday fun. It too bad it doesn't happen on a Monday... and we got to work one hour less because of it... that would be awesome. Mondays are awful, there's nothing you can do to make them better except call in sick but then Tuesdays suck. Actually there is one thing that makes Monday suck less - work straight though the weekend , but that sucks for an entirely different reason.

Here's to Sunday! Except my champaigne glass I'm toasting you with just has water in it because you can't buy alcohol here on Sundays.

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